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Arid Lands, The

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Called "Aridia" by the High Elves and those of Regnum Sapientium, of course these lands have their own names by their own people...

The 7 kingdoms of "Aridia"


The people of the Arid Lands have legends claiming they came from an entirely different world. A land all of sands and dunes. Long ago, before settling in Beru, they called themselves the Fremen, but now those are only their ancient ancestors of legend, long since lost in the mists of time, and the mists of the Sundering Seas...



Capital City: Kamrun (Kahm-Roon)

The greatest and most powerful of the kingdoms of the Arid Lands. Until the recent invasion by Mordred's forces, a great land of wealth, education, technology, culture, art, and more.


Mordrediann forces happened 10 years ago, invaded and destroyed the richly developed culture in the port cities.

The Mordredian forces did not go inland, the harsh deserts are too dangerous for inexperienced forces to dare, so the attacks remained to the cities by the shores and larger rivers. The attacks finally became so serious against the ancient capital port city of Kamrun (Kahm-Roon) that the Mordredian forces completed overwhelmed the defending forces, and Mordred himself, with his mother Morgana LeFay looking on, murdered the entire royal family, in horribly "creative" ways.

After butchering all the closest heirs to the throne,Morgana LeFay placed on the throne a distant cousin of the royal family, who had always been resentful of being so far down the chain of the royal family.  This spoiled 23 year old hedonistic vassal to the Mordredian Empire calls himself Minochehr after an ancient great king, though his real name is only Umamaita. Is now the puppet king of the lands subservient to Mordred's forces along the coasts and rivers. While the inland deserts and oases remain "rebel" lands mostly roaming with nomadic tribes above and below ground.


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7. The "Kingdomless" Nomads - The Fahreman


Apparently these nomadic people once long ago had a vast kingdom, and their capital city has come down through legends as Ah'rahKeen. They claim to be the "original people" that first settled the Arid Lands centuries or aeons ago.

These people are distinctly different from the rest of the people of the Arid Lands, while the rest of the peoples in these harsh lands have brown eyes, most of the Fahreman have blue eyes. Those without blue eyes are because of marrying outside of their people, but it usually takes several generations or intermingling with others for the blue eyes to cease being passed down.




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