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Lady Dranara's Scroll

by admin published Jun 02, 2015 01:38 AM, last modified Jun 02, 2015 01:38 AM
by Hawke — last modified Jan 21, 2015 12:03 AM — This is the scroll that the PC's receive at the beginning of the campaign in Port Balcoth. The scroll states:

My Dearest Princess Drunara, daughter of His Royal Highness Amir Arsham Atash (father) and Her Majesty Shahin SetAreh Bolour (mother), rulers of the The Great Naiserpian Kingdom, warmest regards from your cousin, ally, and friend, Lord Arsham Pariz'Ad.

I trust you are in good health and being well cared-for by the people of _______________ (village).

I send this missive in the slim hope that it will reach you before it is too late.


The time has come at long last for your role in the Infinite Story. My high High Vizier, and even the local High Cleric, have both come to me with different interpretations, but the same message.

The Lady must now go to The Oracle and follow her guidance from there.


We have confirmed that the rumors were true, the Great Oracle has fled from her lands from the southern Isles [Grecian/Delphi-like] when Mordred's Forces invaded and destroyed her temple and city.

After she left your lands gracious protection to head north and west over the Dragonspine mountains no one knew where she went. My minions finally found her, or I should say she found my minions, far north, at the borders of the great ice, deep in the land of the Norndians [extinct north Germanic language: Norn]. She is living in a cave sheltered in great ice and crystal caves, guarded by wards and strange beasts, but if you come with this letter, the sigils at the end will provide you safe passage past the wards and creatures. You must go as soon as you receive this. I fear it will already be too late, but one must still hope.


My people have arranged secret transportation away from Port Balcoth past the Mordredian Armada that blocks us. The chance of escape is slim. I do not know if this day will be the end of my part in The Story, but if we do escape, we will be in the far Eastern lands of our mutual friend Koranaga-sama, his island has been the only one so far to repel the forces of Mordred.


If you need the help of those that brought you this letter, I hope they will help you out of vision, but if they need material encouragement, there is a small map included with directions to an emergency cache my people set aside in the northern lands. The cache is rich in gold, weapons, scrolls, and other wealth. If you need their help and they require such mundane motivations, promise them the map upon your return from The Oracle.


Included also, using your royal seal, you can unlike the puzzle of the scroll case, which will lead you to The Oracle.


May The Oracle's guidance provide you with the answers you have long waited for.





The Lady will gracefully thank the adventurers for their generosity in delivering the message.