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The Lost Rus

by Hawke published Aug 10, 2016 05:15 PM, last modified Aug 10, 2016 05:15 PM
There are 3 tribes of the Rus Men / Lost Rus: Sevatem, Tesh, and Comsaf. The are near-neighbors to the northeast Wood Elves and High Elves, near the Spire.

There are several main factions/divisions in the people:

* The Sevatem (Seh-va-tehm) (linguistically mutated from "Survey Team").

* The Tesh (linguistically mutated from "Technicians").

* The Comsaf (Com-sahf) (linguistically mutated from the [Military] "Command Staff").

These people people are the descendants of the original crew from The Spire (the crashed spaceship).

The people speak a mix of their original Russian tongue, combined with pieces from the High Elves, Wood Elves, and Northronders.

They are now a fairly primitive group.

If the Heroes befriend any of the tribes, when they are gathered around a fire, telling tales, the Rus will share a tale about The Wandering Baya[+] (bastardized language of Baba Yagga’s Hut), appearing randomly in the woods nearby, watching the tribe it seems.

Strange events often associated with the sighting of the hut.

During the early years after the crash of the ship, there was a falling out (disagreement about leadership styles, survival priorities, etc.) between the Command Staff, Technicians, and Survey Team members. This lead to them splitting up into three distinct settlements.

Over the intervening centuries, they slowly somewhat reunited, but hostilities (origins faded into history) still linger, though they will all unite against any common threats.

*This idea is borrowed blatantly from Dr. Who, the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) .

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