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by Hawke published Aug 10, 2016 05:18 PM, last modified Aug 10, 2016 05:18 PM

These are members of The Lost Rus , descendants of the Survey Team.

These were the explorers and scientists of the ship.

They have the greatest curiosity about everything. They are generally friendly, but ask a LOT of questions about anyone they meet, sometimes embarrassingly personal questions. They are fascinated with cultures, technologies (more in the abstract sense than the Tesh), magic, history, etc.

They have held on to a lot of the survey and science gear, strewn throughout their village, though most have forgotten the original purpose of the technology, and how to use most of them (or they no longer work), so now are arrayed as various items of reverence/worship.

They have a laid back approach to their society, a mostly egalitarian approach, with “committees” for all kinds of tasks, which can take forever to accomplish many things.

Everyone contributes in every way they can, for everyone else's benefit.

They have a bit of the “1960s Hippies” aspect to their culture.

They live as a “Commune”.

Everyone shares the work evenly throughout, and shares with everyone else. No one actually "owns" anything.