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by Hawke published Aug 10, 2016 05:25 PM, last modified Aug 10, 2016 05:22 PM
(Tehsh) These are the descendants of the Technicians from the crashed ship. They are very practical and analytical generally, and also tend to frown on overly emotional responses.

Another group of The Lost Rus . The Tesh look down on the Sevatem as too abstract and non-practical, too philosophical, and too difficult an approach to accomplish anything, and dislike the Comsaf for being too militaristic, war-mongering, etc.

The Tesh have a semi-hierarchal structure, often working in "teams", but it is based on merit/achievement rather than age or abstract thinking/debate skills.

Unlike the other two factions, much of the Tesh's technology STILL WORKS! Since these were the personnel that kept things working, they have continued to effectively hand down the knowledge over generations. Many have forgotten why things were created, or their underlying science, but they know a lot of “tricks of the trade” to keep things running.

Many components had to be recreated or “kludged” from local adaptations, so many devices are hybrid of science-fiction-like technology, with medieval add-ons, and some magical components in some cases.

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