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The Plague

by admin published Jun 27, 2015 07:16 AM, last modified Jun 27, 2015 07:16 AM
by Hawke — last modified Jan 20, 2015 11:57 PM — There is a plague spreading through the lands of Regnum Sapientium, and other lands...

The Drow also have developed a magically enhanced version of the great Medieval plague.

It only affects certain species, humans and high elves, (they don't consider the sea elves a real threat). Drow and their kindred are completely immune. The also has some effect on the Rhakshasa but to a much lesser degree. The Thri-kreen and similar allies are immune to the plague, but their numbers are few compared to the High Elves and Humans.The plague inadvertently affects some Wood Elves and not others. The Drow do not consider the scattered Wood Elves a threat, and in fact have managed to ally a few groups to their side in their mutual animosity towards High Elves and Humans.

The Drow used a spy in the midst of Mordred's ranks to help initially spread the disease as soon as the forces left Port Balcoth against the Drow's wishes. Mordred recently found out that his soldiers carry this disease (not realizing it was worse that his supply trains, infested with rodents, were actually the worst spreading agent), and are slowly beginning to weaken die from it, but he is hoping to finish his campaign before his forces fully succumb to it.

They only started to show signs just as they began attacking Arthur's kingdom, so he assumes they just caught it from the local sea port they initially attacked. He doesn't realize he is being used by the Drow.


The Sapientium priests made this plague far more effective because they had all the cats in the kingdom slain, believing them to be spies and servants of “evil forces” (actually true, many worked for Lolth and The Drow). Unfortunately since the plague is carried primarily by the fleas of rodents, and cats were the best pest control, Sapientium is doomed to lose anywhere from 50-60% of its population to the plague and Mordred's forces that first year.

Mordred's forces will suffer heavy losses in battle against Arthur's knights, and by year's end will be forced to settle into a long siege over the winter. The sickness will slow in spreading, but will decimate the villages and cities with everyone locked in their homes (with the rodents). By spring, half the population of Sapientium will have perished, sometimes entire villages wiped out by the plague and/or Mordred's forces.

Also, few farms were able to harvest their crops due to the battle, so food supplies will be lean, though fortunately the kingdom did keep great stores in and around Camelot in case of need. Unfortunately these granaries have been recently infested with rodents (thanks to the machinations of the Drow agents). So spreading this food to the villages is actually helping spread the Plague.

Mordred's forces will also suffer greatly, though his mother, through the guidance of a Drow contact, have come up with a slowing agent to help the troops survive the plague for a while, it is not a cure, only slows down the spread. Mordred's forces will be reduced 25% during the winter by the plague. Arthur's knights have mostly resisted succumbing, and they have begun to believe it is the rodents spreading it (mostly true), and so by spring are telling everyone in Sapientium to kill all rodents, burn down their towns, clothing, etc. This will help initially, but not permanently.

After the spring floods and thaw, Mordred's forces will once again resume their campaign en masses, having received some additional reinforcements (about 10% increase) from tithes from their previously conquered lands. These are less effective, and more unwilling forces however, and are not willing to rape, pillage, and plunder, and are oft times seen being forced into battle under the lash.

Crops will not be planted or harvested. Starvation will begin to spread through Sapientium as the previous year's supplies run out. By that fall, with much of the grain having to be burned from rodent infestation, no crops sown or harvested, the winter also the harshest in memory (even worse than the year before), populations were wiped an additional 30-40% from their original levels prior to all this horror.

Mordred's forces retreated (this time heeding the Drow ambassador's advice, validated by his mother of course), pull back south ahead of the harsh winter.



In the third year of the battle, as Spring begins.......