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The Spire

by Hawke published Aug 10, 2016 05:28 PM, last modified Aug 10, 2016 05:28 PM
An immense silver spire, sticking out of the flattened top of a 20,000' mountain...

This is a giant spaceship that crash-landed here centuries ago.

They were surveying The Comet and were not prepared for it's effects and lost control of the ship. At the last moment they were able to reverse the nose of the ship and engage their engines, which causes a volcanic-like reaction with the ground beneath them, and swollowed up 1/4 of the ship within.

The visible exposed base is not real the real base of the spire, it only where it meets the top of the mountain and only 75’ across, while towering 750’ above, slowly coming to a smooth, rounded point.

Below the false base, the ship extends underground an additional 250’, slowly widening to 100’ across.

The first instance of the heroes coming across The Spire, it should only be a large artifact of interest, but they shouldn’t glean much more information.

The Spire plays an important role, in a later step of the quest, when they will need to return back to it, and gather up some important items.

Careful searching in day time, will reveal a very feint square of lines, outlining a very tiny seam about 20’x20’.

There is a slim chance that one of the PC’s, with a nearly absurd level for difficulty, could discover (with very strong/lucky find/remove traps or pick locks) a s

The ship is designed to be moved through within on a horizontal plane, rather than the current vertical plane.